1. What is NewHalf Delivery Health?

Our site is a NewHalf Delivery Health escort service.
We send transsexual or crossdresser escorts to your hotel or residence,
and offer services such as kissing, fellatio, anal sex, and more.

All of our staff are transsexuals.
Please be aware that our escorts are not women.

2. Making a Reservation
1) First select the escort and time and date you want.
The escorts and time
[For those who cannot read Japanese]
*In Japanese the date is written Month / Day.
For example: 8月10日 stands for the 10th of August.
*Those who cannot read our escorts' names can copy their pictures into their reservation mail instead.

2) Please copy the following items, fill in the details, and send your email to the address below.

[Copy the following into your email] --- English is OK.
  • Name:
  • Date / Desired Time:
  • Desired Escort:
  • Service Time:
  • Desired Location:
  • E-Mail:
  • Telephone Number:
*Please use one of the times listed below in [4. Service Price] in your email.
*You may leave the Desired Escort section blank if you want to let the staff decide.
*You may leave the Desired Location section blank if you have not yet determined a location at the time of reservation.

3) You will receive a reservation confirmation email.
*Your reservation is complete once you receive this confirmation email.

4) A re-confirmation is required 1 hour before the start of your reservation.
Please copy the message below and send an email 1-2 hours before your scheduled time.

[Copy the following]
My name is __________. Re-confirming my scheduled reservation.

*If you did not select a location at the time of your reservation, you must include a location in this email.
*You may be asked to send a re-confirmation more than 2 hours in advance if your location is far away.
The confirmation email you receive upon reservation will explain whether or not you need to, so please check the timing.

3. Play Time The following services are available at the base price.
  • Kissing
  • Full-body lip service
  • Fellatio
  • AF (Anal sex with you penetrating the escort)
  • Reverse AF (the escort penetrating you)
All services not listed here require an additional fee.
Please see [4. Service Prices] for the options.

Please note that the following are absolutely not allowed in any scenario.
If you break these rules your service will be ended immediately with no refund.

4. Service Prices
■Basic Price
60 min \13,000
90 min \20,000
120 min \26,000
*Longer times are also available. Please state the amount of time you desire in your reservation email.
Cosplay \2,000
Photography \1,000/1 picture
Cross Dressing (cosmetic and outfit rental for you) \5,000
*Some options may not be available with all escorts.

■Travel Expenses
You may be charged for travel expenses depending on the location.
The following is a general guideline. Please inquire about actual cost upon reservation.
Kabukicho Free
Shinjuku Area \2,000
Shibuya - Roppongi - Ginza - Shinagawa Area \3,000
Other Locations Please inquire.

5. Precautions
Please note that for reasons of hygiene you must shower, wash your body, and use mouthwash before play starts.
In order to assure compliance, this service is not available at locations without showers.

Additionally, penetration without the use of a condom is prohibited.
Failure to comply will result in an immediate end of service and no refund.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

営業時間12:00 - 翌日5:00